Audio Attic Hideout & Witches Mark Zine

February 5, 2015

Audio Attic Hideout & Witches Mark Zine

We started two more websites. Witches’ Mark Zine will be dedicated to exploitation, horror and all kind of other film weirdness, and Audio Attic Hideout is a website dedicated to our love of vintage audio gear. 
We are looking for people who would like to contribute to both sites. If you’re audio gear or film fanatic please let us know and we can discuss…

We will be doing interviews with various of directors and actors who appeared in films. And Audio Attic Hideout will publish articles about amps, loudspeakers, turntables…

Below you can find two emails;


p.s. we are also in a search for some jazz writers. Those interested can contact us at: psychedelicbabyblog@gmail.

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