Black Mass Rising interview with Shazzula

March 2, 2012

Black Mass Rising interview with Shazzula

“Black Mass Rising” is a film by Shazzula. Anyone interested in cults in vain of Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising must see this underground film recorded by Shazzula while traveling. It came out in limited edition of 666 DVD, but it will also be released as soundtrack on triple vinyl. Soundtrack is very interesting, cos it features Makoto Kawabata, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Entrance Band, Aluk Todolo etc. Shazzula told me a few things regarding the film and the concept behind it. Check it out!
Hi Shazzula, how are you? Thanks for taking your time to talk about your latest film project called Black Mass Rising. How did you got an idea to do this project?
Hello Klemen, thank you for your interest 🙂
It came naturally and progressively to me and became a complete project later. During my travels, my phone was the perfect object to realize pictures & films.(Light, easy to use, crazy apps) It is like discovering photoshop, you decide what to do with what is offered to you.
The whole movie is made from 22 segments, which have been put together by several of footages you recorded. Tell me where did you record them and if they have a special meaning or why do you record them?
The Project started with the pictures “Rituals of a Belgian Gyspie” , taken in Germany, France, Belgium, Italia, U.S.A & Chile, born from little short filming resulting with crazy visuals & films parts, so, I decided to do something with them and not let them die in my computer. Due to my repetitive dreams, I have an obsessive interest on Apocalypse but also in Mysticism, Darkness, Rituals, Ancient Temples, etc.. The 22 “segments” could be seen as the 22 Major Arcana of Tarot. One without the other wont create Black Mass Rising. 
One of the most important things in film is of course amazing line of artists you got for the soundtrack. How did you decide which one to include and how did you tell them what kind of stuff to record for the film?
At First, I wanted to do the whole soundtrack myself but though it would be too “ego” .. I though it would have been way more interesting having many other musicians involved in the project. There are so many great NOW bands, their approach on sound is totally awesome and they totally deserve to be better known, I have asked to my favorites bands to contribute & “play the game”.
All in BMR is improvised: The Filming, The decor, The Costumes, the Scenes, The acting, The MUSIC too!
Artists of the Soundtrack follow Black Mass Rising Vision, some of them never offered their “Dark Side” in sound. Many bands supposed to be part of the project but they could not get into it. Some bands are related, others aren’t. This is the point: Trying to get all kind of bands United for OBSCURE. It results with Black Mass Rising Soundtrack!
Kenneth Anger must be your big inspiration. Do you prefer any other film directors?
For some people, my influence is Anger…well…
The Trailer & beginning of the movie is evidently influenced by Anger “Lucifer Rising”,one of my favorite short movie.
“Black Mass Rising” is  directly connected.
An other reason would be that Bobby Beausoleil gave also an outtake of “Lucifer Rising” for “Black Mass Rising”, it gives like an evident point. Well, “Lucifer Rising” without Bobby Beausoleil sound…would not be “Lucifer Rising” ! (Jimmy Page works weren’t that bad neither btw)
My others favorites & small influences: W.Herzog, Eisenstein, Maya Deren ,E. Elias Merhige,Nicolas Winding Refn,(Valhalla Rising) Argento, Mario Bava…
Would you like to tell me more details regarding the background concept you had in mind?
The concept is : When an idea comes to your mind: Just do it ! It is like a VISION , you see?
More it is crazy and “impossible” more it is exiting !
I have learned how to EDIT a movie, with programs such  as “Final Cut Pro”, great opportunity!
I have to thanks all the people involved in this improvised project: The editors & all the friends who took their time to follow me!
Thanks also to Philippe Marie, we created Black Mass Rising label with me .
The movie cost =  66€
There will be also a limited vinyl box soundtrack released very soon. I’m sure it will be very tasty…
A limited 333 Black Box (3XLP) Copies
A limited 66  Black Box  (3XLP) + DVD of “Black Mass Rising”
A limited 101 ULTRA Black Box (3XLP) +DVD of “Black Mass Rising”+ 6 pictures of “Black Mass Rising”
What are you up to now and what are some of your future plans?
Working on BMR Soundtrack for BMR label,
Booking bands at SWAMP BOOKING (Expo 70, Seven That Spells,..)
Teaching Drawing,
Movie Premieres of BMR Movie in Lebanon, Europe, South America ,U.S.A.
Make recordings for Live performances for SAYONA, a new sound project we have w/ Ernesto Gonzales (Sylvester Anfang II )
Thanks for your time, hope to meet you sometime. Would you like to send a message to It’s Psychedelic Baby readers?
My pleasure!
My message would be : If you ever have a project, DO IT !
Best Of Light to you !
 Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2012
© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/ 2012
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