Captain SIB Music Podcasts Medication

August 16, 2011

Captain SIB Music Podcasts Medication

CaptainSIB.com are proud to present Captain SIB’s Psychedelic Freakout.
Join us as we get a little hazy in the world of Psychedelic music.

Our popular podcast series features music from many of the psychedelic genres.
From the mighty sounds of Nik Turner’s Space Ritual, to the ambient beats of Akahum. You will find something tasty to stick in your magical musical pipe.

We are thee number one choice for podcasting madness and we guarantee you 100% home-grown entertainment from the land of haggis.

Spark one up and kick off the holey shoe.

Peace and safe SIB’ings to all.

Link to psychedelic freakouts


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  1. Simon Rigot

    Captain SIb show is a MUST !

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