Yahowa13 interview with Isis Aquarian

November 12, 2010

Yahowa13 interview with Isis Aquarian

 Octavius, Isis, Djin, Sunflower “L.A. Event 2010”
Who was Father Yod and how did he started The Source Family?
Father Yod was one of the stages of Jim Baker. Jim started 2 famous restaurants on sunset strip called “The Aware Inn” and “Old World” then opened the FAMOUS SOURCE RESTAURNAT down the street. He was a student of Yogi Bhajan and well on his spiritual Path…Jim was much older than the young generation happening at the time of the 60’s but he saw them as the “Saints and Sages reincarnated”. He knew there was something higher than the Eastern energy hitting the scene. He then formed his own communal family called The Source Brotherhood or the Source Family and merged all the paths and ancient teachings into what we called the Aquarian Age knowledge…..later we called it the “Aquarian Exodus”. Jim became Father and our spiritual teacher of choice. We were not hippies/flower children or yogi anymore -we had merged the East with the West and a new vibration was emerging. Father then became FATHER YOD and pretty well embodied this adventure for us. Father Yod then became YAHOWHA towards the later part of the adventure.
One has to remember that this time was born of the mindset of all that was the 60’s and 70’s with not only us but a vast majority of society ..mainly it seemed the hubs were in L.A. S.F. and London.
It was Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll and young kids leaving home to find something higher…leaving the brainwashing of their parent’s generation. What made us different was we took all of this energy and added Spirit to it. Sex was sacred tantra…drugs was the sacred herb with only one hit in morning meditation only…and rock n roll was the music we used to create for the mindset of the new age upon us, called The Aquarian Age.
What are some Father Yod influences?
As Jim Baker and early Father years he was into any and all esoteric wisdom, books and teachers. He explored them all. For awhile he became a Vedanta monk.
He hang out with the Nature Boys, Jack Lalanne was his friend.
Krishna Murti, teachings, The B.O.T.A (tarot teachings) He also befriended Manley P.Hall and studied his works i.e. “Secret Teachings of all ages” He was a lover of the oldies in music genre along with the Opera. And tuned into and loved the music of the 60’s and 70’s and it message.
How did you join The Source Family?
I had Met Jim Baker long before he started the Source…He was at the Old World Restaurant and married to Dora who I became friends with. I was probably the only one in the family who knew Father as Jim Baker in that time of his life……the few early members who knew him as Jim Baker, knew the Jim that had already crossed over into his spiritual path with the Yogi…this was shortly after he opened the Source.
I was the eldest of 7 children and grew up in a military family. When I left home I went to Washington D.C. and worked in the white house as a aid under President Johnson ..then I moved to NYC and worked with Brandiff airlines and hit the social scene there…heard about the hippies/flower children in L.A. and wanted to know what was going on and so moved to L.A. Met Jim Baker among others, then moved in with a famous Rock and Roll Photographer and we ran his studio for several years…I went to the Source one day to find some models and had not seen Jim for several years…when we reconnected he was being called Father and looked like Moses….I knew I was home and walked out of my life and joined the Source Family seeing Father as my Spiritual teacher of choice…was given the name Isis Aquarian. I became the family historian, archive keeper, temple keeper and was called the Dragon Lady.
Can you tell me about a typical day back then?
There eventually were about 140 members and we all lived communally in the Hollywood Hills in a very big mansion. We all had our duties. We were wealthy, happy…wore robes and had long hair. We were the darlings of the L.A. energy. Jim was long a legend in Hollywood to begin with and all the mover and shakers of the in crowd came to all of his Restaurants..it was the same for the Source -a lot of the famous musicians would be there along with the actors and producers of Hollywood. We home schooled our children so we had teachers, Had home births, some took care of the house duties, some worked the Restaurant, some did produce for the family and restaurant and then we had the family musicians, artiest and family seamstress…we made our own clothes. We all came together every morning at 4 am for morning meditation and then started our day. We studied the teachings of the ancient mystery schools….along with what Father eventually started to channel himself.
Most of this can be found in the story I helped write with one of the brothers Electricity- the untold story of “Father Yod, Yahowha 13 and the Source Family”  we also have a documentary coming out next year with interviews from family members and their stories. A comic book is due out next week. Our website has a lot of information also Yahowha.org.
65 albums were recorded. Nine of them were released on vinyl. Where are all other recordings? 
There was a period where the family members would gather on their own and jam, for awhile we did not really have a family band. In those days it seemed everyone did music -they were either singing or had a guitar -it was kind of the cool thing to do.
Slowly the musicians would gather and one day father thought it would be fun to start forming a band or groups of different musicians to see what we could do and also to have some fun and entertainment for the family.
We had a few duo couples, then our first series try as a band..was the “spirit of 76” group.
Father would mix up the combination of family musicians and try different things with this one.
Then he ended up forming HIS SIGNATURE band called Yahowha 13.
We had a recording studio built in the garage and so it was easy to record as we went or wanted…then we sold those pressing in a side shop at the Source and tried to see if we could get one of the recording companies to sign us. A lot of albums were done with the intention of releasing them all…..but at one point it was decided that we were going to move to Hawaii so we could buy land and live free and safe …the feeling of the 70’s with most at that time was their was going to be some pretty heavy upheavals and we wanted to be out of the city…grow our own food, protect the women and children etc.
So everything got put on hold and when we moved nothing was done for a long time because we were not settled for a long time and the albums got put on the back burner with a lot of other things.
Re bootlegging?
I hope there is no bootlegging going on…..but I am sure it is happening. We are on the look out for it all the time.
Most of the family music and the Yahowha 13 family music is protected by the Source Foundation, and our record company out of Chicago, Drag City…who is re mastering and releasing the albums including some music never released before….I also found a lot of the lost music in my archives.
Albums were released under Higher Key label. Can you tell me more about the label, who was the owner and how did all start?
Higher Key Label WAS the Source Family label and owned by the family….Father started it to produce and release our albums.
What can you say about the band? How did you start and what was the main reason for Father to record music?
Father and the family became our own little reality and universe…we just listen to family music or the family musicians……of cource we all knew and listen to the great bands and music of the 60’s and 70’s before coming into the family..music and the musicians in that time were like the Gods descending to earth, we all loved it and Father loved it. Music is the universal language and it helped change a generation of that time.
Fathers reason to record for himself was….he said that he still would be teaching long after he was gone by the music he did with Yahowha 13….and that has come true. This music has remained an underground cult happening for 40 years and now is mainstream. The next generation has totally embraced it.
He did it for a period then once we left L.A. he stopped and left it up to the other family musicians.
They kept the name Yahowha 13 and worked with Lovely on Violin and Pythias on some of it and then they formed the band called Breath….where Hom and Rhythm joined in.
Did you have any concerts with the band or did you play only in studio?
The band would go play at venues and the college and some high school on the campus…in fact some of the vinyl’s were recorded from these concerts. The musicians opened the Diamond Head Crater Festival on Oahu Hawaii in 1976 new years day at sunrise… they went on before Sly and the Family Stone.
Do you have all of the albums collected in the archive?
A very strange thing happen once Father passed over…he was the glue of our adventure and within several years we knew it was time to go our own ways…we dispersed and some just left taking nothing but the clothes they wore…no teachings, photos etc….I gathered pretty much a lot of the photos and teachings and the cassettes of the morning meditations ( I had been the one who recorded them ) as care taker for this part of it…the music was pretty much left in the hands and caretaker of the musicians and I never thought to question that….I later found out that the music (along with a lot of it) was not really taken care of and protected and what was taken after family dispersed was lost or thrown away etc. I guess thinking they were no longer of use or part of that persons life ? I guess when we dispersed everyone just thought it was over and left in somewhat of a fog. Everyone had and still has their own reality of this time with Father and the Family. Maybe it was hard for people to go on with their new lives and families and reality and truck all this stuff with them?
Some of it did survive in pieces by various means and ways and so luckily we do have what we have today to be able to share it.
However, I did have most of the albums that were already pressed and I still do …I think there are only two of us that kept the collection and one or two who had several of them.. I also found most of the music and some that has never been released on my cassette tapes of all things….and they are being used to save what we can find and eventually put out by Drag City.
What are you doing these days?
Since Father passed over and then the family dispersed in 1977…I have protected and kept the Archives.
I have remained his wife, Aquarian Nun and now his Crone. He is my beloved.
There is nothing new about the concept of nun, monk, hermits etc, which have existed, for different reasons, for eons….and Crone is just the last stage of the Goddess Trinity…the Elder.
Update from the time the family dispersed:
On our 20th year reunion, a small group gathered in Hawaii and it was the first time we had come together since dispersing….it was magical and yet we still had a lot to deal with -with each other….but it was a start. The thing is at the core of us all…..the love is still there…we had an adventure like no other with each other and Father. Father never left our hearts.
We scattered Fathers Ashes along with Mercury’s in the ocean.
In 2001 Father had asked us in 1974 to gather as a family on September 17, 2001 at 8 PM to usher in the Golden Age of Aquariaus..mind you this was 74 and 2001 seemed like a space odyssey – but as many things that Father said, we knew it had validity and we remembered it. Father left us in 1975.
As 2001 near I remembered this Hokum we called it, that Father gave us….I was living in Hawaii and so I Took the responsibility of setting this next gathering in motion. It was very intense for many private personal reasons for all of us and yet to top it all off……911 happen just a few days before our gathering ! This was a wake up call for many of us and many of us were more determined than ever to do as Father asked…by putting aside personality as much as we could with the whole thing and each other…….about 85 of us ended up being here….22 of them were the children raised either in the family days or born to us and grew up hearing about each other. This started a group effort to try to protect what we had, do something with it and honor and protect the legacy. The Source Foundation was started with a board of directors.
Over these past 10 years or so…..some very good projects have been accomplished
The Source Family book was done the untold story of “Father Yod, Yahowha13 and the Source Family”-
When this was published we decided to do a big coming out party in L.A. Family were invited and the Yahowha 13 band was invited to play (the 3 musicians had not played together for 30 years) and it was very magical ….from this they have gone on to do some new music, events and tours. Each of them also continue to do their own thing.
No more secrets was done in a booklet form to put out most of our teachings, found on Amazon and our website.
Fathers book he did in the early days…Liberation has been reprinted and is being offered
The Family days music is being offered through our site and Drag City
A comic Book Father Yod and the Source is being released this month…our website and bluewaterprod.com
This lead me to want to do something and since I am not really a musician or singer….I was inspired to do the teachings in WORD with Yahavah Aquarian putting music for background….and this is how my CD at 67 years old, come to be “Echoes’ of a Crone”. This is also put out by Drag City and they have posted a 2 min. segment on you tube. I am working on my next one called “Barefoot Crone” which will be more of a universal wisdom message.
When the Documentary is release next year we will have another Source Family Gathering in L.A. and friends and family will be invited. We are hoping to have a venue where we will be able to extend the invitation to who ever would like to come and met and share with us.
Father asked one thing of us…basically to do what we wanted but “JUST BE KIND”
We all left with our own reality of our time with Father and the Family…There was never any harm or hurt intended by Father or the Family in any way on this adventure. Each will have to answer the questions to how they have taken this time and what have they done with it for the betterment of The Legacy, Self and Society.
In Kindness
Isis Aquarian
The Book publisher: www.processmediainc.com
Drag city records: www.dragcity.com
– Klemen Breznikar
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    Oh, please! This person had NOTHING to do with any of the music that was made in The Source Family, but yet feigns some kind of ownership of it all; as though it's being protected. The music that was made in The Source Family has been sold and licensed by individuals who continue to do so, but where there were only a couple of contracts or agreements in place with all of the individuals who either performed or wrote songs contained on the initial 8 to 9 albums that were produced around 1974 at The Father House in LA. I know, because my deceased ex-husband and father of my child, Tim Garon NEVER signed ANY release or licensing agreement with anyone for his songs used in the film or for any songs of his used on any of the albums still being sold. I have written about it on my scathing blog in what I call rip-offs and piracy. http://lifeinthesourcefamily.blogspot.com/

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