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3 Games Every Psychedelic Rocker Will Love

We love music and we love games, so it made sense to try to find some of the best games that our rocking readers would love. Here are a few of the best titles we found.

1. Guns N Roses

Classic music and big jackpots? Yes, please! Created by leading iGaming software developers NetEnt, Guns N Roses is a great game. Like most online slots, it features five reels packed full of symbols and, if you get them to match, you’ll win some cash. What sets this game apart though is the music and the fact that you’re playing to the soundtrack of Guns N Roses’ biggest hits. The symbols are also Guns N Roses-themed and can trigger three bonus rounds, each packed with more great songs and chances to hit a larger jackpot.

2. Thunderstruck II

Before you get too excited, this isn’t an AC/DC slot, but it has just as much appeal for any metalheads out there. Norse culture has always been involved in heavy rock music and the Norse gods are probably the most metal pantheon out there. Thunderstruck II really captures those Viking vibes while adding that extra edge of modern rock that we love. Like Guns N Roses, Thunderstruck II is an online slot with five reels. It can be found at plenty of online casinos. If you’re new to iGaming, bear in mind that casinos like Royal Vegas do offer free spins so you can try before you buy.

3. Guitar Hero: Metallica

If you’re more of a console sort of player, there are a few titles that every rocker will probably already know. Most of these even come from the same franchise: Guitar Hero. These games are huge, and yet there’s only a few with proper rocking songs on them. The best of these is Guitar Hero: Metallica. There are a total of 49 songs on this game, 28 of which are by Metallica themselves. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the other 21 tracks are all songs that have been chosen specifically by the band members. So, you know you’re going to get some of the best rock songs in history to play along to.
So, are you more of a hands-on sort that will enjoy Guitar Hero: Metallica or are you more into the lore of Norse mythology? Maybe you just want to listen to good music and spin some slots? Let us know in the comments below.

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