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Disgusting Beauty - “All About” premiere

Disgusting Beauty are a Berlin based band with a line-up including musicians from Israel, France, Spain and Argentina which was originally founded in 2016. After the release of their first EP in 2018 through Blue Cat, the band started touring across Germany and France, already playing renowned venues such as Kantine am Berghain (Berlin), Molotow (Hamburg) and Supersonic (Paris).

The sound of Disgusting Beauty is often described as psych-punk. Psych stands for the classic 60’s influences, the experimentation, and most of all the vision of music as a way to elevate and bring listeners to another state of mind.  Punk, as singer Silver Cendrey said in an interview to German Schmutz magazine, “is for the DIY, for those winter nights we spent in our freezing cellar, lead guitarist Fran Parisi scratching his fingers on his guitar and me screaming with a broken voice”. Eager to create a more ambitious and experimental sound for the new record, the band recorded and mixed the EP in Berlin’s Funkhaus and at Phil Manzanera’s (Roxy Music) Gallery Studios in London. As a sign of evolution from the band, EP II is constructed by vivid, lush guitar soundscapes, an aggressive train-like drive of bass, grooves influenced by jazz, techno and hard rock and of course the mesmerizing, alluring vocals while the lyrics chronicle Disgusting Beauty’s take on contemporary life in Berlin.

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