Knight Howls

October 23, 2018

Knight Howls

“Righteous animalistic behavior”
Knight Howls is the a capella duo Adam McCarthy and Frank Hurricane. They howl at the moon. And on a debut 12” soon. 

What Knight Howls does feels very liberating. It’s the kind of stuff that makes me think: I want to do that too. Maybe not on stage, maybe not on a record. just in my own garden: howling at the moon. Is this what it feels like to make this kind of stuff: liberating, free, being wild, careless?
Adam McCarthy: So glad you feel that way!!! Thanks!!! It is all those things I’d say… 
Is this record a collage of a bunch of recordings the both of you made over the last five years or so?
Most of the recordings were done within two summer days in 2015 but a few moments from live shows around 2012(?) or 2013(?) were also added. 
Except for the intro on the A side (where I hear a gong and some metal on metal), the only instrument I hear are your voices. Why did you decide to make Knight Howls a voice only thing? 
I don’t think what you’re hearing is a gong or metal on metal … it’s all voices except for some natural elements (pond, rain, sand, dogs). I think the name of the group and the idea of it being all vocals all happened at once, it just made sense. 
Why are both sides of the record only ten minutes long? Do you think this kind of stuff would loose tension if it would take too long? 
It just seemed the reasonable format for what we had recorded at the end of the day, but I think it works being punchy. The next album will be a full length. 
What do you and Frank have in common? 
We love to eat!!!!
This is what I hear when I listen to the record: the A side: a gong, metal on metal. Then: the part from the live clip at live at The Hidaway. Then a man walking on a beach, with his feet in the water, then a man on a toilet, taking a shit, then some street dogs, then a paintball game, then a guy having an identity crisis, then a police intervention, then some gangster shit. The B side: some fake Buddhist chants, going wild at the sea at night, screaming to the moon, a fragment of a live show with some audience intervention, some girls laughing while someone’s fighting with a dog, a wolf imitation, singing with water in your mouth. That’s what I’m hearing. Now you have to correct me. 
The gong and metal on metal are just our voices. No clip from The Hideaway, but the same material. everything else sounds right tho!!! Nice renditioning! 
Like with the music of Skullflower, at some points this stuff get’s so heavy it becomes ridiculous. Can you understand that? 
Never heard Skullflower but absolutely. 
Why is the band called Knight Howls?
We’re knights and we’re howling!!! It’s about righteous animalistic behavior!
Why did it took you five years to put this record together? Because of all the other stuff that got in between? 
We’re just so busy howling and eating!!!
– Joeri Bruyninckx
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