The See See – “Late Morning Light” (2010) review

September 7, 2018

The See See – “Late Morning Light” (2010) review

The See See – Late Morning Light (The Great Pop Supplement, 2010)
If you consider yourself a psychedelic dream pop fan, or that of jangle pop and you’ve not found your way to The See See and this album by now, that’s a sincere shame and one that can easily be remedied.

The music The See See lay down is sonically inspirational, they’re a band who would have had an endless string of hits back in the days of radio, and with that being said, there’s not a bad number to be found on this outing. Communicating through a series of tightly woven, considered and densely presented songs, where The See See will wake you in the morning with the warmth of the rising sun on your face, and send you to bed with a big ‘ol smiling orange moon peeking in through your bedroom window. Without a doubt The See See set the pace for other bands such as the Allah Las who’ve found their way to fame, leaving groups such as these folks to be discovered by walking the cat backwards. The See See lace a wondrous bit of low-keyed psychedelic musical intoxication into each and every nearly perfect number, songs that will have you coming back for more, songs that will have you walking with the wind at your back and the warmth of summer forever surrounding you.
There’s a romantic warm 60’s vibe to their sound, infused with light handed pleasant harmonies along with satisfying vocals … yet in the same breath it all resounds with the power of something freshly new, unavoidable and exciting.
*** If it‘s your intend on finding a vinyl copy of any See See album, this is hands down the one to purchase.
– Jenell Kesler
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