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The Third Sound - “Half Alive” premiere

Berlin’s The Third Sound are back with a new album All Tomorrow’s Shadows and new video “Half Alive” following the great single “Photographs” which featured Anton Newcombe on lead vocal. Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist Hákon Aðalsteinsson who front’s The Third Sound said about “Half Alive”...

The idea of the lyrics started from the point of Frankie Teardrop (from the Suicide song) being reincarnated, but soon the connections to current problems was obvious. School shootings, terrorism against innocent civilians, gun law...”
The video was made by Hugo Psyche Coaster who has been a great supporter of the Psychedelic and underground bands for years now, doing so many videos for so many bands.
The video, like the song, starts of slow and minimal but escalates and gets more trippy as the flow of the song rises.

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