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Magic & Naked - “Dark Room” premiere

Formed in 2013, the four tortured souls of Magic & Naked were seeking for a meaning to their lives. The band began touring in Switzerland, Europe and the USA in 2015 and released their first eponymous album on Casbah Records, a loving and celestial ode to pop recorded by The Pussywarmers.

The band since had the audacity to record its new songs in the beautiful Breton studios of Kerwax. Human Expression, born in the wake of waves, was released by Le Pop Club Records and Echo Orange in September 2017. Described by the Inrockuptibles as the ‘Swiss Beach Boys’, and willingly claiming to be the spiritual grandchildren of JJ Cale, Magic & Naked plays a kind of shuggy pop music. Its mellow ideal that will leave you in a dreamy state.

“Dark Room” tells the story of a dream the band had about Geneva’s natural History museum. The lights were low; the room was quiet and filled with a sense of peacefulness and eternity. Réka obviously didn’t care about those deeply profound thoughts and was more interested in having four young men doing aerobic exercises after the fashion of 80s home videos. For further nonsense please consult their second album titled Human Expression.

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