Forest Ray – “Laughing” album premiere

June 26, 2018

Forest Ray – “Laughing” album premiere

Forest Ray experiments in the analog and psychedelic, combining guitar driven psychedelic rock with elements of raw synth-laced post-punk, garage rock, americana and eastern art music. The group’s uninhibited performances and analog recording process have harbored darker, older and more intimate recordings. The songs regularly feature flute and vibraphone which have become staples of the group’s brand of psych. Originally started in San Luis Obispo, CA as a two man recording project the group has now evolved into a touring lineup currently based in Seattle. Their first record, Musical Witchcraft, was released October 28th, 2016 on 180g vinyl

Band members (these are current members – not necessarily the same for Laughing’s recordings)
Peter Sumic: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Composition
Robby Porovich: Guitar, Tambourine
Courtland Richardson: Flute
TJ Orgovan: Drums
Jeremy Blas: Bass guitar
Sam Bolt: Percussion, Synth

Nico Sanchez – photographer


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