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Moonweevi - “Verticle Tide” (2017) review

Moonweevi - Verticle Tide (Fruits De Mer Records, 2017)

This is a side project from the keyboard player of Cranium Pie. It is an LP plus CD, which features bonus materials. Only 160 copies were pressed.
It features 10 tracks containing 70 min of music. The first track and last tracks on the CD are about 20 min long. The opening track starts with some very deep and dangerous bass frequencies. It is a very slow track with a basic drum machine, deep bass and some spaced out and strange keyboards in various layers. Dreamy, strange and out there in another universe. At about 3 min in, it changes completely and starts a different trip. A more sequenced synth takes over half way through the track as it builds up.

This is for sure late night listening and not everyone is going to really enjoy this strange musical experiment but clearly Andy and Keith did and you might too!

This video will give you an idea of what this strange release is all about.

- Scott Heller
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