Half Human – “Panorama” premiere

May 22, 2018

Half Human – “Panorama” premiere

Brooklyn post-punk group Half Human are releasing their first full-length record Positive Image through label and press Specious Arts. The LP follows their debut 7” record. On Positive Image the band moves the focus more towards vocals while still following its path of sonic and structural experimentation. While songs like “The Bell” and “Harbinger” suggest the angular and brooding sides of post-punk respectively, the band also creates complex textures using layered instruments and collaged found sounds.

The writing of “Panorama” began with a taut, slightly out-of-time rhythm and an angular post-punk guitar line. Soon the band used that base for words exploring xenophobia and the way that a culture can be attached to symbols of exclusion and dominance. The middle of the song expands into a much broader soundscape, with added ringing layers meant to echo the concept of the song’s title. The song continues the forward momentum established by album opener “The Bell”.
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  1. Anonymous

    Dope! Like the way it moves from super dense to super spare by the end. m/

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