Arcadian Child – “Afterglow” (2017) review

May 28, 2018

Arcadian Child – “Afterglow” (2017) review

Arcadian Child – Afterglow (Rogue Wave Records, 2018)
I am a huge fan of the most recent wave of psychedelic music that is happening across the globe. There are so many bands doing some amazing things with the genre, from Sun Voyager to Ruby the Hatchet to the subject of this review… Arcadian Child. They just recently released an album called Afterglow on the Ripple Music imprint called Rogue Wave Records, and it is absolutely phenomenal! These 8 songs move and sway, shifting with the feel of the extremely talented musicians playing the tunes they love.

“Little Late for Love” is a perfect example of what Arcadian Child is so damn good at. The drum and bass groove that brings the song in, with lightly layered guitar is wonderful; the same can be said of the verses, until the buildup begins that is. The guitars seem to float above everything else on this one, and the vocals are superb. 
The title track, “Afterglow”, is another fine offering from this group. The tone of the distorted guitars is absolutely perfect, it’s more fuzz than distortion, but it’s just great. The chorus is catchy, the bass playing is, in my opinion, also top tier level playing. The lead section, even though it’s not really a lead, is pure psychedelic tastiness. The bass and drums hold the section down, while the guitars take off into space; with an effects laden sound, the guitars truly feel as if they are far above our heads. “Used”, which is the final track on this release, starts off beautifully, with an awesome, clean (maybe lightly fuzzed) guitar, and a pulse all its own. It’s fairly mellow, and has aspects of what The Beatles were doing during their psychedelic phase. I would have to say that this is my favored track on Afterglow.
Rogue Wave Records has scored a hit with Arcadian Child’s new album, and I suggest that fans of the genre go and check them out. These guys are extremely talented, and the music is nothing short of amazing. I hope you all enjoy this Arcadian Child album as much as I have!
I’d like to take a moment to thank Todd Severin, Rogue Wave label head, for the hook up, and everything else he assists me with for my musical reviews. Go check out anything that Ripple Music has, because the roster is absolutely incredible; so many killer bands to choose from!! 
– Tom Hanno
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