Father Sky Mother Earth interview

March 13, 2018

Father Sky Mother Earth interview

Father Sky Mother Earth is a drone doom duo from Hamburg, Germany. The Drone Doom Duo has released two monumental meditative albums since the beginning in autumn 2016. “Across the River of Time” of Time is an atmospheric journey through your own universe. Dark, intense and ecstatic.

What does the name “Father Sky Mother Earth” refer to in the context of the artistic name?

Father Sky Mother Earth is a symbol to all things that are alive. The names are set to be poles and in the middle lies everything. Everything we are and will be.
“The main part is a symbol to the two string instruments primary used in the first release. They are also referring to the aerosphere. This is what keeps mother earth alive. Father sky in the cosmos is a guard and looking at his child – this planet’s ecology. Thank you Father Sky for your presence and Mother Earth for your opportunity to grow.”
– Taken from the bandcamp description on the first album “Father Sky Mother Earth” (2016)

How would you compare Father Sky Mother Earth to your previous band The Space Spectrum?

For us Father Sky Mother Earth starts a whole new direction to a point, that we never thought would be reached or experienced in the times of The Space Spectrum. To us this is a different chapter, a different story, a different life. More intense, more depth, highs and growth. No more “Marijuana Marching Music” as some people used to label The Space Spectrum’s sound. There is enough depth in our minds and inner oceans to vibrate and meditate to. It’s the sound of our feelings that fade through our bodies and souls. Life is but a meaningful one.
Can you share some details about your self-titled recordings from 2016?

Basically, it’s the first time we came together after having the plan to form a band. These are the first musical steps we took together. It’s a two track approach with a hidden bonus track “III” when downloading via bandcamp. “Father Sky” and “Mother Earth” symbolises us. We recorded everything analogue on a 4-track tape recorder with cassette. It was a really easy and familiar working process between those spirits. These are the first drone words that came out of our minds. It’s a really direct and spontaneous recording if you will. It was done at Nico’s place in Fockbek, near Rendsburg, Germany. The idea of the record is based on the band name. As we mentioned in the quote above, the sound should be representing Sky and Earth. And this is the way we could transcribe each other into music. The different poles, the contrast between us as individuals is what sets the setting, is what creates inspiration, sound, tells the story.

What kind of process do you have at mastering material for the release?

The first record is not mastered. It’s just mixed.
Your latest release is “Across the River of Time”. What’s the concept behind it?

The second album is not about the connection of sky and earth but rather about life in general. It symbolises the meaning of time and the beginning of death as a new part of an ongoing connection within cosmic matter. It’s about time to make a decision and to recapitulate your role as a soul during this past interval. “(…) Did you reach the final state of consciousness and went beyond?” Did you do anything in the past to accept that you are part of a universe? And did you find enlightenment through meditation? “Are you ready to let yourself go and be an echo to this world?” When will y o u return?

What are some future plans?

2017 has been great. We recorded “Across the River of Time” and produced a lot of cassettes from our two releases. It’s such a joy to give each order a special touch. Everything was done by ourselves. From copying, printing, labelling, packing and shipping. We had the pleasure of having great support chances for amazing bands in our first year. We did shows for The Cosmic Dead, Cities of Mars, HEXIS and opened at this year’s subset fest in Rostock for NYOS, Unru, Nadja and LLNN (Friday acts). 
We are now looking forward to 2018 and we’re already two months into it. There are a few shows planned for Germany which we are looking forward to play. These will be for example at this year’s Droneburg festival in Hamburg and at the experimental Noiseberg event in Berlin. Many more to come. We like to be on the road, meeting new people, seeing new cities and explore new cultures. It would be amazing for us, to visit other countries in Europe as well: Like the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Poland and the Czech Republic. Maybe this is not the case for 2018, but you never know. Anyway: If you like drone music, we are very pleased to hear from you if you’re interested in inviting us for a show.
The last months of 2017 were a bit quiet. We started re-recording our first album completely. We also re-arranged everything from scratch. These are the same songs you know, but we build up production-wise. More textures, different drone structures and layers. It was a fun journey we took when we revisited 2016, the first months, we just started out. We hope to bring something new to the table with these re-recordings. It’s a thank you to all the people who have requested a release from us not only digitally. This version of “Father Sky” and “Mother Earth” will only be available physically. 250 records on white vinyl. Also comes with a download code for the old recording from 2016; to anyone, who hasn’t checked us out so far. Be quick! We are very honoured to have the opportunity to release our first vinyl LP. It will soon be announced and available as pre-order over our dearest record label friends in UK.

Let’s end this interview with some of your favourite albums. Have you found something new lately you would like to recommend to our readers?

We are listening to any kind of music. This is because we are always interested in finding new things in life that inspire us. This is the case with music, but also other forms of art. But regarding your question: We had the pleasure to play with great bands in the last year. Most of them you will know instantly if you check our tour history. But we would like to mention the following bands, because they inspire us not only with music but also by the way they approach sound. They are all great, gentle human spirits. And this is why we love to share with you the following:
MAENTIS: They are a sludge doom band with drone influences from near Hanover, lower Saxony, Germany. We had the pleasure to tour with them and if we say they are loud and heavy, we mean it. They are a one-hour power package with great riffage. “I Have Tasted Devil’s Blood” is a very solid release from late 2016.
Covenaut: These dudes from Bielefeld, East-Westphalia, Germany make no compromises. If you like straight-forward stoner doom, this is the band that gets you that type of Rock’n’Roll feeling to shake your body to. Check the cassette “Doomed to Live” (Injustice Records) from 2016.
UR: With another great release “Grey Wanderer” (late 2017) on Droneburg Records (Hamburg, Germany), this heavy four-piece band from Leipzig, Saxony, Germany is one of the rising stars in German post- and doom metal scene. Great live band and the albums are top notch. Turn up your volume!
Huey Walker: Something special. We saw The Kanadagans play at this year’s subset fest in Rostock, Germany. Both very gentle guys. Walker is one part of the post-rock, drone, experimental duo. His solo attempt “Dreamsleaves” (Rakkoon Recordings) from late 2017 is a great drone, ambient, field-recording, glitch-type of record. Recommended for quiet minutes.
Cegvera: An EP with great production that brings together stoner-rock, doom metal and fuzzy psychedelic-rock. “Creations” (mid 2017) combines all that and never gets boring. This is a superb 25 min. release by new label Dirty Filthy Records (UK). If you want the whole music package, please visit this trio from Bristol, UK.

Thank you. Last word is yours.

Thank you, Psychedelic Baby Magazine for having the chance to do an interview. Thanks for checking us out and for supporting drone music.
Feel free to listen and buy one of our albums on bandcamp. Please check also our other websites for more information on releases, tour dates etc.
This interview was done with Niclas and Nico of Father Sky Mother Earth in January 2018.


Father Sky Mother Earth (2016) digital, self-produced cassette
Across the River of Time (2017) digital, self-produced cassette

– Klemen Breznikar
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