The Bad Losers – “Easy” (2015) review

February 5, 2018

The Bad Losers – “Easy” (2015) review

The Bad Losers – Easy (Equation Records, 2015)
There’s a certain element of both fans and musicians who feel that the Mersey, garage and freakbeat sounds of the mid 60’s were some of the best and most robust around, and with but a bit of tweaking, these modern renditions could stand resoundingly tall, coming across with a bit more strength style and lushness, aspects that were often overlooked when the genre was first laid down. 

And to that end, The Bad Losers have done a masterful job here on Easy, lacing their original songs with smooth sonic guitar riffs, a solid backbeat, pointed vocals that mesh with lyrics that ride those historic currents, and it’s all backed by a sensationally smooth harp, where everything is brought into crystal-clear focus without the stumbling and harder edges delivered by the original bands from those hazed out days, who let’s face it, were often more interested in showing off than in laying down a pure solid sound that would last for all time.
There’s not a song on Easy that is not well defined, with all soundly considered enough to drift you back in time, making me wonder how enticing it would have been to hear this music delivered in this fashion some fifty years ago, where The Bad Losers would have been the darlings of AM radio, setting the pace and spacial direction (often darkly haunting) with their concerted responsive and intelligent emancipated musical visions. Yes, of course the song structures seem rather simple, but simplicity requires perfection, otherwise flaws stand out like a sore thumb, and this album comes at you like the 7:40 express from the suburbs to the city on a Friday night.
But you know what [?], right here, right now, you can have all of that and more, regardless of the distance in time, because what The Bad Losers are laying down ‘is’ timeless, and certainly worth your consideration.
*** The music is available for download and on CD, as to the vinyl, there are 205 copies, none are numbered, 95 on splatter vinyl, 95 on a bone white cream vinyl, and 25 on black vinyl, all with a gatefold sleeve.
– Jenell Kesler
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