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Gin Lady - “Electric Earth” (2017) review

Gin Lady- Electric Earth (Kozmik Artifactz, 2017)

This is the fourth release by the Swedish band Gin Lady. I heard the last one and really liked it but they really hit the ball out of the park on Electric Earth! What a fucking great record! I recently received the record and my wife and I are spinning it everyday! Fantastic vocals, great songs and playing. The songs take me back to the early 1970s.

“Flower People” starts things off with a mid paced strumming guitar track with some great vocals, nice lyrics and groove. A very happy song. “I’m Your Friend” sounds a lot like the Allman Brothers song and features acoustic guitar and a southern rock feel. It even features some pedal steel or slide at the end mixed with a few nature sounds by New Mountain. “Badger Boogie” has some boogie in it in a slow groove like the Stones. “The Things You Used To Do” could be one of the mellow early Humble Pie tracks. Wow! “Mercy” is an acoustic track that sounds like Blackberry Smoke. Another great track. 
Side B starts off with my favorite track on the record, “Brothers Of The Canyon”. Again reminds me of Doobie Brothers or Marshall Tucker Band. The band jam this one out. “Rolling Thunder” has a bit of Bob Dylan hidden in its sleeve. “Water And Sunshine” is a bit more rocking and keeps the good time rock and roll flowing. “Wasted Years” has that southern rock feel to it as well. “Running No More” ends the record in a laid back mellow way with some mellotron.

It’s not really heavy, progressive or even psychedelic but it’s really fucking good! One of my favourite records this year. Great job folks at Gin Lady!

- Scott Heller
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