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Soft as Fire in The House of Love (2016) review

“Soft as Fire in The House of Love” (Blog That Celebrates Itself, 2016)

House of Love are one of those bands who’s music entered this galaxy with nearly absolute perfection and magnificence, composed of rolling guitars that were lushly layered, balanced by hypnotic well considered lyrics and vocals delivered with an eloquent softness that hangs around the edges of each song like an early morning haze, so trying to bring something new to the table with a cover version of anything from the House of Love collection is nearly impossible. That being said, the songs laid down here have been created with loving hands and a reverence for one of the best bands too many people are not aware of.

The album is not without its flaws, take the singular House of Love defining moment “The Beatles & The Stones,” which is done here with an odd low-keyed fast taking banter manner that brings out nothing of this great song’s ethereal time and era [1969], or psychedelically important presence. Though the track “I Don’t Know Why I Love You,” finds a new attitude while encompassing the original, and as with the song “Never,” comes off splendidly. Of course, without a doubt we’re all going to have our favorites, though with 18 numbers to select from, it’s impossible not to walk away with a pocketful of lushness that is worth keeping and spurring further exploration of the artists who present them.

What makes this album so special, like all of the tracks or not, is that chances have been taken … no musical style [from lo-fi to dream-pop] has been shrugged off, with a sincere effort having been taken to elicit musical manifestations with wide open all encompassing arms.

- Jenell Kesler
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