LSD and the Search for God – Heaven Is a Place (2016) review

January 29, 2017

LSD and the Search for God – Heaven Is a Place (2016) review

LSD and the Search for GodHeaven Is a Place (Deep Space Recordings, 2016)
Riding low, with even neon-blue being too bright for LSD and the Search for God, the band wash their music in ethereal pastels and dripping water colours, lacing in hushed whispery lyrics designed to bring the melodic atmospheric melody front and center.

As part of the San Francisco underground, many will want you to consider the band to be yet another of the current neo-psych outfits that are ever present, and while true, in the same breath they really don’t harken back to the psychedelic daze of the 60’s, it’s more that they’ve recaptured and built on the shoegazer of the 90’s, weaving their sound with fuzz, reverb, feedback and an eternal bliss that will melt you in place, creating songs that will allow you to get extremely lost in.
Heaven Is A Place is a bit of controlled pop that matters, reverberating and punctuated with catchiness that builds ever so gently and then collapses in on itself at just the right moment, before ebbing back again, like a gauzy thin scarf caught in the wind, effortlessly holding your attention.
With ‘euphoric’ being the word of the day on Heaven Is A Place, the stylings are far from standard, with the interweaving and intertwined male and female vocals playing off of each other, creating counterpoints and juxtapositions that are wholly original and satisfying … and they do it all while warmly reminding you of something half forgotten from so long ago.
– Jenell Kesler
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