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Electric Octopus - Under a Black Moon (2016) review

Electric Octopus - Under a Black Moon (2016)

Without warning, and swinging into high gear, Electric Octopus deliver an unexpected delight of intoxicating tracks sparked with the essence of hypnotic jazz and stoner rock that ride on the distant edges of the horizon, waiting on the big ol' orange October moon to rise over the mountains, and then playing with it until it bursts into a thousands stars of shimmering delight.

What Electric Octopus seem to be doing, is sending back etherial postcards from their mind bending adventures, assuring us that the world is a magical and wonderful place to live in … especially with a band like this who’ve managed to not only capture the essence of a historic past, but bring it into the here and now effortlessly, timelessly, and without flaws.

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- Jenell Kesler
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