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Morgan Delt - Phase Zero (2016) review

Morgan Delt - Phase Zero (Sub Pop Records, 2016)

Laying out an neo-psych album drenched in filtered sunlight that’s interrupted by the occasional fluffy cloud, Morgan Delt moves with a sure-footedness I haven’t experienced since Spacemen 3, delivering a outing filled with shimmering waves, solid arrangements, and layered with a dazed Sunday morning feel that’s doesn’t so much demand your attention; it's more that the record [red vinyl] ebbs and flows, creeping into your mind, into your spirit, into your frontal consciousness, where with an intricateness, he manages to step into the 21st Century creating an experience that’s brightly lit, while riding on a breeze of all that’s gone before him.  What he delivers, is a dose of psychedelia that harbors nothing but good vibrations.

Phase Zero is an Indica stoner’s delight, presented with a mixture of bright 60’s British Invasion lyrics that are infused with the contemporary inspired west coast musicianship that instantly makes you aware that this is an album that’s designed to grow on you.

- Jenell Kesler
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