Landing – Third Sight (2016) review

July 21, 2016

Landing – Third Sight (2016) review

Landing – Third Sight (El Paraiso Records, 2016)
Connecticut’s ethereal space rockers Landing have been releasing albums and EPs for nearly 20 years and also played at several prestigious Terrastock festivals (in 2002 and 2006). Third Sight continues their transcendental, wobbly space explorations via four tracks evenly divided between two lengthy journeys to the pharsyde of your mind that make up nearly half an hour of the album’s running time and shorter sorbets set to calm you down after having your minds fried to their outer limits. ‘Delusion Sound’ delivers Floydian textures, behind trippy, sleepy vocals, flickering guitar lines and flowing electronics – think Loop on ‘ludes! It all ends with hypnotic, flickering guitars interwoven throughout treated electronics for maximum “psychedelic lift off” effect.
The punny title track (‘Third Site’ [sic]) is an exercise in minimalist electronics, as a lonely piano note taps inside free-flowing electronics, achieving ultimate outer space ambience – you’ll feel like you’re free falling thorough the Milky Way enroute to destinations unknown, but you’ll damn sure enjoy the ride.

The trip continues on the flip side, with the pretty ‘Facing South’ just lounging around inside your brain like a lie down in the backyard Hammock (OK, pun intended!) and the 14½-minute ‘Morning Sun’ offers more celestial electronics, delay pedals, and other mindwarping (third) eye openers to help you start your day. Slap this on to watch tomorrow’s sunrise and give a whole new meaning to “wake & bake”. Another brilliant release from the always adventurous, exciting, and hypnotic quartet. Enjoy your tryyp!
– Jeff Penczak
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