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Mudcrutch - 2 (2016) review

Mudcrutch - 2 (Reprise, 2016)

Opening the new Mudcrutch album is the vintage song “Trailer,” which like the rest of the album goes down easy, and is a whole lot of fun to dance to as summer begins to bloom. There is nothing complicated here, nothing new ... and with all honesty, the best thing I can say with a true heart is that you’re gonna get exactly what you expect.

There are light tinges of psychedelia ah-la The Byrds, and the rockabilly inspired “Welcome to Hell," along with “Victim of Circumstance,” which is a sheer impersonation and inspiration of Bob Dylan; but then, we’ve all known for years that Tom and his band of gunslingers were never ashamed of turning in some Dylan-ish material. On a whole, the album seems to be centered around memories ... new memories, old memories, and what we’re supposed to do with these memories as we continue to age and refine our lives. Of course, it’s worth considering that by the time we’ve reached the age of the members of Mudcrutch, most of us will have seen and done it all, meaning that now it’s just a matter of seeing and finding joy in those same things through wiser eyes.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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