It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: The Night Sea – 07.01.14 premiere

April 23, 2016

It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: The Night Sea – 07.01.14 premiere

The Night Sea at the core is Peter Walker & Dan Kincaid, exploring the creative process, its roots in the unconscious, and its eternal dance between the rational and intuitive mind.  The Paths of Walker and Kincaid converged in the fall of 2013 when they found themselves both embarking upon a doctorate in philosophy specializing in mythology, psychology and mysticism. The two artists quickly discovered their kindred spirit and with it the seeds of a new project. With Walker on guitar and Kincaid playing keys, the two seem to telepathically flow together, melding into one as they create sweeping textures, psychedelic soundscapes and rhythmic interplays that morph through the moment as it unfolds. The two spent those first winter and spring months exploring the inner and outer reaches of this musical vision, deciding in the early summer of 2014 that it was time to invite others along. In June of 2014 Walker crossed paths with guru percussionist Greg Ellis, and a recording session was arranged in order to participate in an intuitive sound experiment. This highly unusual engagement fueled the blossoming process, eventually leading Kincaid to extend an invitation to world-renowned multi-instrumentalist Kenny Lyon to come join in the fun.

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