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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: Blues Fuzz - Have You Seen My Baby premiere

A raw psychedelic trio Blues Fuzz, hailing from all over the world and uniting in Leeds (UK) to recapture the sound of the late 1960s psychedelic era. The true spirit of psychedelia with no half measures. From the far east to low lands of Europe, bringing that little something from the diverse culture and encapsulating it within the freaky sounds of Blues Fuzz. Imagine some far-out sitar vibrations from India, with a European freak beat and the feel of the exhausted Sun setting over a Texan desert. 

The band started to make their music earlier this year, already with a couple of psyched out numbers under their sleeves. The music entrances the audience and made eyes and minds open up. Their inspiration comes from everything that is now considered rare to find, little gems and one hit wonders that never got out there. Not forgetting the gods of world's psychedelic scene over the Atlantic ocean that we worship: The Doors, Frank Zappa, Country Joe and the Fish and more you can keep naming it! Play us a record that was released from 1967 to mid 70s and I doubt that we will turn our back to it. 

We want to revive that scene back here in the UK. Having released a couple of DIY home recordings one of them being 'Have You Seen my Baby' recorded in April this year the band is looking to expand their routes and reach out to all hungry psychedelic ears out there. We are looking to attract and bring more hippie people into our circle to make outrageous music. 
- Blues Fuzz

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