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Clearaudio with Performance DC sponsoring Vinyl Of The Day

We are very proud to report that hi-end turntable company Clearaudio is sponsoring our work with their PERFORMANCE DC. Company is known for their advance in audio technology and they've sent us a very special model Performance DC with their brand new tangential tonearm TT5. Because of the tangential tonearm the cartridge remains parallel to the record groove, following the same path as the cutting head did when making the record, thus eliminating any lateral tracking error. And since the record groove, stylus, cantilever and tonearm are perfectly aligned, no side forces are generated and so anti-skating compensation is no longer required. Hi-end materials are used in every part of this turntable. 
Our Performance DC came with Essence MC cartridge, which is absolutely mind blowing and quite a step forward from Concept MC cartridge.

You can find more information at their website:
Turntable: Performance DC
Tonearm: TT5 tonearm

Below you can see a few more photos from our system. We now have two Clearaudio turntables. As you know their Concept turntable was used for our very popular series Vinyl Of The Day. Hundreds of new vinyl releases have been played on their wonderful turntable. 
We are extremely happy that from now on we can use their Performance DC with unique tangential tonearm. 

Clearaudio is certainly one of those rare companies where sound without compromise is what they are really after.

We are currently listening your LPs with Clearaudio Performance in combination with EAR phono stage, Accuphase amplification and legendary Acoustic Research AR9 loudspeakers.

I would like to thank to Dani Stropnik for professional assemble and setup of Clearaudio turntable.

Now we're off to spin and photograph newly arrived vinyl records. Those interested in submitting your album for our Vinyl Of The Day series please click on the link below for more information.

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