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Samba Touré - Albala (2013) review

Samba Touré - Albala (Glitterhouse Records, 2013)

Samba Toure’ is a shaman, a African desert visionary, dancing on the windblown sands like a ghost from the past, and an emissary from an uncertain future. His muse is enlightenment, his focus is an intoxicating dark pointed blue’s riff that spins and spirals, weaving in and out of twilight dust-devils, calling for attention, calling for justice, calling for understanding and bravery of the sort we have seldom seen here in America, where our troubles seem rather mundane and matter of fact.

Alabala means “danger,” and when Samba Toure’ materializes, he splits the world, shimmers in the darkness, creating a psychedelic atmosphere, conjuring hypnotic grooves laced with inner connecting visions ... and the people don't just come to listen, they come to be healed, they come to dance, they come to dispatch hatred and to establish reason in a world gone wrong, a world where the AK47 challenges the guitar, and religion without reason challenges the moral being of anyone who’s voice would stand opposed to sharia law, and the institution of belief.

So to that end, Samba Toure’ creates the musical magic of righteousness on the desert floor, and then vanishes into the night like a spirit before the heavily armed Toyota trucks of oppression arrive to find nothing but distant drums and fuzzed guitars hanging in the air like vanishing ghosts ... seen, but not seen, leaving shivers to run up and down your spine.

This album should be part of your life for more reasons than you dare to consider.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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