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Worthless - All My Friends Are Stone (2015) review

Worthless "All My Friends Are Stone" (Stupid Head Records, 2015)

Jesus this record is a strange beast. Headed up by visual artist Curtis from Drippy Eye Projections who also moonlights for the Joshua Light Show this band has some crazy ties to classic 1960s psychedelia. Pitched shifted vocals and weird folk meets garage rock reminds me of the best moments of a White Fence record. Lysergic drugged out jams easily can fit on any Nuggets/Pebbles compilation. The track "Gold" is obviously the single that can win over the most stubborn of music fans with its chilled out vibes that just make your ears swoon! The highlight of the album is the epic "Yellow Fingers" that takes up the entirety of the b-side of the record, filled with all sorts of psychedelic sounds and audio samples that almost turn into a bad trip if it wasn't for the fact that its so pleasant, I can almost compare it to Syd Barrett fronting the Velvet Underground covering the most epic Grateful Dead songs! Pair this album with some psychedelic footage and some of the finest dank (that's weed for you squares that don't know) and get ready for blast off!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2015
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