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OOIOO - Feather Float (1999) review

OOIOO "Feather Float" Birdman Records, 1999)

Oh man, this record is god damn magical! Fronted by Boredoms drummer and Flaming Lips muse Yoshimi P-We this definitely has elements of the Boredoms, but this is also channeling a much crazier beast. Immediately you are summoned by the first track to "Be Sure To Loop" with the repetitive vocals and tribal drum patterns that instantly bring you back to the Boredoms excellent album "Super AE" that came out a year earlier. The closest band I can compare this to is Can when they went into their more ambient phase on the great record "Future Days" but with a heavy electronic influence. The song "Jackson's Club 'Sunspot'" has a bass riff that is a dead ringer for something you would expect Frank Zappa would put on one of his album, but instead of going in freaky jazz territory its heavily repeated like it was a uncompleted tune that they couldn't quite figure out where to go with so they went a "krautrock" route instead. The most intense song for me personally is "Baby Bamboo From Nose" it literally sounds like they recorded one of the members having an anxiety attack and hyperventilated into the microphone instead of a paper bag, I don't think a panic attack has ever sounded so beautiful, and this is coming from someone who suffers from them. This album is a something special that is hard to put into words, I recommend listening and discovering its magic for yourself!   

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2015
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