Mount Carmel interview with Matthew Reed

March 1, 2015

Mount Carmel interview with Matthew Reed

Mount Carmel is a band coming from Columbus, Ohio. I first came across their music in 2010, when they released their very first LP on Siltbreeze Records. Band was formed by two brothers and recorded two more albums and they are currently working on their fourth. Here’s a really soulful hard rock band with their roots buried deep inside The Rolling Stones and Cream. 

You guys are coming from Columbus, Ohio. How is the local scene there? Any cool bands you like?

I’m not sure we’re too involved with the local scene here.
There’s a bunch of good bands I’ve heard tho. Forrest and the Evergreens, EYE, Nick Tolford & Company. There’s more I’m probably forgetting. Lotta good musicians.
Did you see a lot of local shows? Do you feel like they play a role in what you perform today?
Like I said not too familiar with the local scene too much.
We are mostly influenced by day to day moments in our lives. Whenever
creativity strikes we try to honor it.
You and your brother formed the band a few years ago. What was the original idea behind formation?
When me and Pat started the band we just wanted to play
blues. Maybe do some shows. We ended up accomplishing that and more. The
mission hasn’t changed much. But the idea of what we wanna play is more up for
grabs. There’s no boundaries.

What do you consider as some of your most important musical influences?
Our musical influences are always shifting. At least for me
they are. My favorite song is Smokey Robinson “Tracks of my Tears.”
Favorite singer is Peter Green. I also love country music. Certain hip hop. Lotta Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor. Could go on and on but you get the idea.
When did you decide to start writing and performing your own music?

Started trying to write music right away. Covers are fun and
we will always do some. But writing is everything. It’s how you satisfy the
creative cauldron. The failures and “good tunes” all contribute to
your life in some way.

Band name is pulled out of the name of a hospital, where you two were born. What’s the story behind this?
Yeah, me and Pat thought it would be funny. It’s where we came
into this world. Why not use it as the starting point of something else. Newer

Are you involved in the local scene at this point? Do you book or attend a lot of local shows or anything?
We play whenever we want to. Local shows that appeal to us.
We like to challenge ourselves. Playing live is always a challenge.
What’s the bands song writing process? Is it spontaneous reaction or do you plan piece after piece?
I write the songs mostly. They are always spontaneous and
out of nowhere. No formulas. Nothing like that. They just have to feel right.

Get Pure is your latest album, which came out only a few days ago. What would you say about it? How would you compare it next to your previous albums?
Get Pure is a little heavier. I wish it was a little better
song wise, but overall, it’s a decent rock record. I never really listened to it
Are you satisfied with it?
I would say overall I’m not satisfied with it. 
Are you planning to go on a tour?
We did some touring off of it though. Trying to get our lives to a space where we could do more. I’m mostly concerned with coming up with new material.
Who are some of your personal favourite bands that you’ve had a chance to play with over the years?

We like to play with anyone really. As long as they’re nice
people and don’t play for two hours. And get there stuff of stage at a
reasonable (fast) pace. If the band does that we are happy to be around them.
Played with Down whom we like and the Buffalo Killers are good.
Have you ever been in Europe or planning to go?
Never been to Europe. I hate to fly. Only USA.
Do you have a certain mantra to keep on going?
No certain mantra keeps us going. Just the love of creating
and playing. That’s all there is really.
You released your debut in 2010 and two years later Real Woman was released. Can you share a few comments about those two?
Our first two records are a capsule in time. We are very
proud of them. Simple rock’n’roll music.

Thanks for taking your time. We wish you good luck.

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar/2015
© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2015
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