Mathmos Space Projector

December 5, 2014

Mathmos Space Projector

We are proud, that Mathmos is sponsoring our magazine with their Space Projector.
Space Projector projects a moving lava lamp effect of up to
1.5m/ 3 ft in diameter onto a wall or ceiling. There are 3 different coloured
projectors; silver, black and white. Each projector comes with a lava lamp
wheel containing the colour combination of your choice. There are currently 7
to choose from; violet/red, violet/green, blue/red, blue/yellow, red/yellow,
blue/green, violet/blue and clear/clear.
Put on psychedelic rock, and get this groovy space projector and experience lysergic ’60s.
Other lava lamp wheels and a wide choice of other wheels
giving different effects can also be bought separately for the Space Projector.
The Mathmos story begins with the invention of the lava lamp
by our founder Edward Craven-Walker in 1963. Mr. Craven-Walker was a great
British inventor, entrepreneur and eccentric. Apart from inventing the lava
lamp he also made underwater naturist films, flew helicopters, drove a fire
engine, was a world war two pilot, a talented accountant, entertained the cast
of the 60s musical Hair and owned a naturist camp in Dorset.
Mr. Craven-Walker originally developed the lava lamp from a
design for an egg timer he saw in a Dorset pub. Taking years to develop the formula
original models were made with orange squash bottles.
The “astro” and “astro baby” were the first two lava lamps
launched in 1963 and 1964 respectively. They were an instant hit and became one
of the defining products of the swinging ‘60s appearing in cult TV series ”The
Prisoner” and “Dr.Who”.
They were manufactured in Poole, Dorset, and have been in
continuous production in the UK ever since.
NB. During the 1960s and 70s Mathmos lava lamps were sold
under the initial company name “Crestworth”. The company name was
changed by Edward Craven-Walker and his new business partners in 1992 from
Crestworth to Mathmos. The name Mathmos comes from the cult 1960s film
Since the 1960s Mathmos has launched many innovative and
patented products designed and developed both in house and with talented
external designers.
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