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Jane Weaver - The Silver Globe (2014) review

Jane Weaver "The Silver Globe" (Bird/Finders Keepers, 2014)

Possibly the most impressive thing about Weaver’s latest creation is the fact that each of the 10 tracks has its own approach, unique from the others, yet there’s a consistent overtone to all. Credit her with strength of vision for that. The overall feel of the set is one of dreamy prog but it’s too diverse to be limited to that description. “Argent,” on which Weaver is joined by space rockers Cybotron, is seven-plus minutes of chugging astral sounds that could be mistaken for Stereolab circa Mars Audiac Quintet. “Mission Desire” is driven by a propulsive disco beat and is something one could imagine zoned-out stoners dancing to dreamily in some exotic locale. My personal favorite selection, the David Holmes co-produced “Arrows,” is a shape-shifting tripmaker that brings to mind the mid-90s heyday of the kranky label. Some of the tracks are more effective than others but there’s nothing you’d call filler. All of the variegated segments work together to weave a bewitching whole. You’re kept guessing from one selection to the next and when it’s all over you look forward to the next spin. Linda Perhacs and Melody’s Echo Chamber are two acts that keep coming to my mind as I listen through.  Cosmic and experimental, challenging yet engaging, The Silver Globe sounds like the place where Sci-Fi and psychedelia meet. This one has a firm place on my top new albums of the year list.

Review made by Brian Greene/2014
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