No Bodies interview

July 4, 2014

No Bodies interview

I first encountered “No Bodies” when little DIY record label called Poncho Records from Halifax, Nova Scotia and then sent me some of their material. They have some really cool local bands like Walrus, Saffron, Shadow Folk, Best Fiends, The Age and some others including No Bodies, which hit me with their song “Tell Me Who Do You Love” released on cassette and also available on Bandcamp. Their music would be best described as refreshing psychedelia with a twist of Jefferson Airplane, Morgen and all the more melodic bands from psychedelic era mixed and re-packed into modern alternative rock. There are hundreds of bands, but they really caught my attention and hopefully they will press a vinyl copy soon, cos this kind of stuff has to be on vinyl, right? How the hell will a kid fifty years from now find it in a basement other way? I doubt that the computer with an apple symbol will work then?!
Anyway Halifax has some really cool local bands, including previously mentioned Walrus, which you should check at Poncho Records and in general if you’re interested in their local scene check the label.

Who are No Bodies?
Craig: James, Justin, Keith and me (Craig).
Where are you coming from?

Craig: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
You released an album on cassette, that I’m currently
digging so much on Poncho Records from Halifax, Canada. What’s the story behind
making this album?
Craig: It was recorded with James and Craig. We wanted to do a
psych influenced band so we each wrote some songs and recorded them at the echo
chamber which is a recording studio that James works at as an engineer. We
weren’t sure what would come out of the recording, but it turned out pleasant
enough and we were happy.
Where do your influences come from?

Craig: Well, for me I like melodic stuff like The Kinks, Flying Burrito Bros, Byrds, Jefferson Airplane but also other older bands like Morgen, 13th Floor Elevators, Pink Floyd, etc. the usual stuff that people like.
How is the local scene in your city? Are you involved with
it? Any bands you would like to recommend?

Craig: Our scene is fantastic. Lots of great bands. Walrus, Shadow Folk, Best Fiends, Saffrons, Moon and many, many others.
I do a lot of booking and am fairly involved with the band
Where did you record the album and what can you tell us
about the recording process?
Craig: James can tell you about that more.
We just went to the studio late at night and tried to feel
James: We recorded it at Echo Chamber Audio in Halifax, NS. I
work there as a part time engineer. We took a very experimental and relaxed
approach to recording. Some songs were done with a single mic planted in the
room recording both drums and guitar for a very live feel. Other songs we done
with more modern techniques, recording each instrument individually with
multiple microphones.
Do you all like to record?
No Bodies: Love it.
What gear was used?
James: We used a lot of different microphones to shape the
sound. Anything I could find in the mic closet that I hadn’t used yet and was
curious to hear. Hardly any condensers, mostly ribbons and dynamics for a
darker/softer tone. Analogue and digital delays and spring reverbs. An ’70s MCI
console for the front end. All recorded to a computer!
How about the cover artwork?
Craig: Wanted a picture for the bandcamp so searched public
domain images. I thought the picture was a good fit for the music, as
pretentious as that might sound.
How many copies were made?
Craig: 60 I think.
Do you have any new material?
Craig: Yup. A song hastily recorded for a comp on Poncho Records. A fair amount of other songs waiting to be recorded.
Does anything else exist? Were you in any other bands before
Craig: James and I have played in a lot of other bands before.
Playing all sorts of different kinds of music.
Do you do any concerts or have a plan for the future?
Craig: I would like to record more. We probably will play house
shows once and awhile. I suppose we will probably play different places if
people ask us.
Lately there is a nice vinyl and cassette comeback and I
myself am fucking crazy vinyl head and when I got your cassette it was really special feeling listening to it on tape deck. What’s your opinion about
vinyl comeback and do you own a collection?
Craig: I have a huge vinyl collection. I love vinyl and I would
love to have “No Bodies” on a record some day. I love everything about records,
they create a special feeling for me which isn’t comparable to any other
Poncho Records seems to be a really cool underground record
company, that has been releasing some really rad stuff. How did you come in
Craig: After we recorded the EP we were looking for someone to
release it. I was a big fan of Walrus and it seemed they had their own label
with Poncho. I thought our songs fit well with theirs so I asked Justin if he
would be interested in doing something with it. Luckily he was.
What would you say are your songs about?
Craig: My songs on the EP are meant to be eerie. (Hopefully) Pretty melodies and song structures but with darker themes. Exploring concepts
that have troubled me and giving that discomfort validity and purpose through
James: I try to make them ambiguous as possible. I like to think
I’m creating a mood with a song rather than telling a story.
Well, thanks for taking your time guys. Would you like to
share anything else with It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine?
Craig: We are happy that you would take the time to interview us
and have an interest in our band.
Interview made by Klemen Breznikar/2014
© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2014
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