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HSY - HSY (2014) review

HSY "HSY" (7" EP) (Buzz Records. 2014)

Holy fuck Toronto must have their water supply spiked with some powerful chemicals because that is the only explanation for all the Buzz Record bands coming out. HSY is the latest to produce psychedelic sludge rock that scrapes the surface of industrial rock and swamp influenced noise punk. Think "Thobbing Gristle" meets Australia's "The Scientists" during their uber weird days. With 5 tracks that will leave you disoriented and vaguely confused with your desire for more you know you found something special. Excuse me while I go drain the blood out of my ears, I need to listen to this again! Just remember to perform your ritualistic sacrifices at your own discretion, with this playing your sure to summon all sorts of demons!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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