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Ketamines - The 7" Single Series (2013-2014) review

Ketamines - The 7" Single Series: "All the Colours of Your Heart" "Eleven Eleven" "So Hot!" "Stay Awake" (Pleasence Records, Leaning Tree Records, Hosehead Records, Mint Records, 2013-2014)

Ketamines have been crafting some of the best garage pop tunes since their amazing "Line by Line" 7" was released. Since relocating the band to Toronto from Lethbridge we see the pop element increase ten fold! Four 7"s that when combined makes an amazing collage poster! But don't just buy these for the artwork, the music is fucking insane!!! Weird art rock is apparent throughout all the tracks, perhaps a influence from early Sparks records? Pop so sweet that you might lose a foot to diabetes. Chew some bubblegum while listening to this, for added experience play some pinball. Frontman Paul Lawton is a avid pinball fan so don't be afraid to get retro on some old school machines, "Elvira" has one that is mind blowing and I personally seen Paul play that one before. With all this pop you might expect this music to lose the garage influence but it is still there, just coated in delicious layer of sugary pop and psychedelia. Buy two of each so you can make the poster and still have copies to listen to! Also watch out for the weirdo switch up Mean Tikes that is basically Ketamines doing even stranger tunes, with a 7" expected on HoZac that will be something to grip!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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