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Black Bombaim - Far Out (2014) review

Black Bombaim “Far Out” (Cardinal Fuzz, 2014)

Fourth album from these Portuguese space cadets with a Hendrix fixation who specialize in side-long brainfryers. “Africa II” explodes form the speakers like a fuzz monster hellbent on tearing out your brain cells, tossing them around the room a bit, and then reassembling back in your head. A little Santana-esque percussion transforms us back to that muddy Woodstock field, and Rodrigo Amado whips off some tasty tenor sax improvs to keep your brain bouncing off the stars. Toss in a few Motörhead-inspired speedfreakin’ guitar solos and stick a fork in it – this mother’s done!
The flip heads over to “Arabia” for what is essentially an 18-minute window-rattling guitar solo, which wears a little thin after about 10 and is probably best experienced live with all the visual trappings the band can muster. Check it out for yourself on their upcoming European tour in May (Portugal) and June (Manchester, Paris, and Ravenna, Italy). Heavy metal kids and air guitarists may enjoy it a bit more than the casual leather-jacketed NWOBHM fanatic.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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