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World In Sound Records

World In Sound Records  (Germany)        

This is the first in a series of monthly articles intended to focus on the labels, an integral part in the world of music.  Suggestions and solicitations (for publication) are welcomed as are your comments.
Since 1999  World In Sound (WIS), located in Schwetzingen, Germany, has reissued vinyl and cds in the form of “valuable, rare and obscure cult recordings.”  The label’s focus in on “psychedelic, progressive, hard and heavy blues garage rock” with a stated goal to “form the band’s individual sound in an unfiltered, organic and dynamic way.”  This is accomplished thanks to World In Sound’s dedication and the skills of its incredible sound engineers.  In 2006 WIS began recording and promoting young, ambitious bands with these qualities to an international audience and thus fuse generations of musicians in building a bridge back to the “highly creative and rebellious period (1966 to 1978), a time when music was seen as a demanding form of expression when the musicians ran the music business, and not the producers.”  WIS finds its roots in the “revolutionary sounds of the late 60s, Summer of Love music and the era-defining festival of Woodstock in 1969.”
As referred to in the above paragraph, World In Sound (WIS) consists of two elements, Flashbacks From The Past, devoted to reissues of past gems and releases of previously unreleased albums alike and The Sound Of Today, focused entirely on new releases by contemporary artists.   Flashbacks works in close collaboration with the artist and reissues include not only the music but also historical background information about each band.  Along the way World In Sound has discovered numerous previously unreleased jewels from the 1966 to 1978 period.  Among these gems are Gold, a California (US) band from the late 1960s/early 1970s, featured on two WIS 1 LP+7”  (1CD) releases, “Mission Rock” and “Oregins:  SF 1970” with combined play times of nearly 2 and ½ hours, vastly expanding the band’s discography which had previously consisted of a lone 45 rpm released during the band’s tenure.   Reissues include “Still Looking” the sole LP by Indiana (US) heavy psychedelic rockers, Headstone.  The album is supplemented by six bonus tracks.  This is not to mention the LP/CD “Fred” project which has resulted in three titles being released, telling the intriguing musical saga (1971-1974) of a very talented band from Pennsylvania who never had an album released in the band’s lifetime.   Or the tale of Cleveland’s Dragonwyck, likewise told in three installments.  With releases like these, World In Sound has become an institution in the worldwide collector’s scene.  Other bands of the 60s and 70s on the World In Sound imprint include:  Cold Sun (US), Cosmic Dealer (NL), Mystic Siva (US) to name but a few. 

Then There’s The Sound of Today which completes the “raison d’etre” of World In Sound and works with contemporary bands whose works are “dramatic, vivid, creative, epic, melodic, courageous, experimental, individual, and intense” giving them access to an international audience that the bands would not normally be exposed to.  The global reach of the label is immediately evident.  “Buddha Sentenza” is the 2013 debut s/t LP of a German quintet.  Italian power trio Doctor Cyclops have two releases available from World In Sound.  The Doctor Cyclops albums, “Borgofondo” (2012) and “Oscuropasso” (2014)  the band’s second and third, are both highly recommended.  The band certainly fills the bill as a young, ambitious band and shares many of the characteristics of bands in the 1966-1978 period. 
Thus the musical bridge is built between the vintage rock of bands like Gold balanced by contemporary artists such as Buddha Sentenza.  Evidence, my son, Roman, is half my age, exactly.  In years that is.  When it comes to record labels he and I are usually (quite literally) worlds apart due to the nature of our interests and preferences.  There are few labels that we both follow closely.  World In Sound is one of those chosen few.  Cheers Wolf!
Follow this link to check out the latest news and all the incredible music available at World In Sound:
Article made by Kevin Rathert/2014
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