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Buffalo Killers - Heavy Reverie (2014) review

Buffalo Killers "Heavy Reverie" (Sun Pedal Recordings, 2014) 

Cincinnati based rock band Buffalo Killers recorded their 6th album “Heavy Reverie”.
In 2014, after eight years, Buffalo Killers gone from trio to quartet by adding Sven Kahns on second guitar and lap steel, giving the band`s lead singer and guitarist Zachary Gabbard more comfort. They sound confident and more mature. Produced by Jim Wirt, new Buffalo`s recordings sound flat as the previous albums. But that`s OK. After years they managed to create and push on their unique and familiar sound, in order to differ from others. Album starts with heavy riffing “Poisonberry Tide” showing that band`s burning for desire to explode the speakers. “Dig on it” is a fantastic tune, reminding of 60s/70s hard rock like Cream or Black Sabbath.
Followed by a nice tunes “The girls has grown” and “Cousin Todd”, album breaks with some solid hard rocking on “Sandbox” and “Who you are?”
“I`m in a sandbox, deep in my sandbox, nobody gets me” sings Zachary on fantastic psychedelic tune “Sandbox”, showing some diversity also in album production. “Grape Peel (How I Feel)” is a piece of introduction to the epic album conclusion.
Great guitar riff on “Louder than your lips” rides the album into a grand finale with great “Shake” and dazing “January”.
Their touring with The Black Keys and collaboration with Dan Auerbach on their second album “Let it Ride” in 2007, left a mark on their creativity and music experience. After that, the band hit the big stages and got more gigs. Years of experience led Buffalo Killers to the band who knows what they`re doing and how to do it right.

Andy Gabbard said in his 2013 interview for Its Psychedelic Baby – ”Nothing is slowing us down anytime soon” and the band still stands for his words.

*Release date: 13 May 2014

Review made by Andrija Babovic/2014
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