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Temples - Sun Structures (2014) review

Temples "Sun Structures" (Heavenly UK/Fat Possum US, 2014)

               Every current band  who can be said to play psychedelia shouldn’t get compared to Tame Impala; just as too many guitar-oriented, literate-sounding small label acts from the early-to-mid 80s were unfairly compared to R.E.M. That said, there’s just no getting around the similarity between Temples and T.I.. Temples’ loopy, compressed sound is clearly in the same vein as Tame Impala’s, and even more to the point, some of the lead vocals on Sun Structures sound uncannily similar to Kevin Parker’s warbling.

               Taken unto itself, though, Sun Structures has a force and a space all its own. It’s easy to see why the band has made such a mark for itself already, allowing them to stand out among the hordes of current acts doing this kind of thing. The sun-kissed, ringing guitars of the opener “Shelter Song” let you know where you are within the first few chords. And from there it’s 50-plus minutes of loopy psych that can fairly draw comparisons to any number of Rickenbacker-propelled 60s forefathers and soundalike contemporaries such as Jacco Gardner and Melody’s Echo Chamber. There are some hummable melodies and bits of ace guitar work at play and some inventive songwriting, but it’s just the overall sound and feel of the album that causes it to delight. The dense layers of psych make it a record that should be heard through earphones, by heads who like music that tickles their cerebellum and makes them want to day-trip or lose themselves in their own mind’s-eye visions.

Review made by Brian Greene/2014
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