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Far-Out Fangtooth - Borrowed Time (2013) review

Far-Out Fangtooth "Borrowed Time" (Siltbreeze Records, 2013)

It is pretty rare for a band to have their sound change so much from their first record and not only keep the old fans but gain new ones as well. With the second full length release for Far-Out Fangtooth you still hear the death rock influence of Christian Death but they are not afraid to push the sound into different territories. Perhaps being on Siltbreeze has influenced the music because I definitely hear a more clear lush pop influence in the music, maybe these guys were listening to Galaxie 500 and early MBV. But even with the obviously dreamy pop sounds they still get mixed well into the experimental noise we loved so much from the first record. Would it be a far throw to say this sounds like a more accessible Sonic Youth? If this is the path these guys are headed down I can only imagine how amazing these guys will get further down the road. Pour yourself a strong cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette or a left handed cigarette if you got them and let this be the record you start your day with!  

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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