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Psychedelic Attic #7

The Nomads - Nomads Original (Way Back Records, 2013)
Mad River - Jersey Sloo (Shagrat Records, 2013)
Lazarus - Lazarus (Shadoks, 2013)
Ferris - Ferris (Shadoks, 2013) 
Strange - Souvenir Album (Shadoks, 2008)
Quttinirpaaq - Let's Hang Out (2013)
Marshmallow Overcoat - Fuzz, Screams & Tambourines! (Psych Out Records
The Ones! (Gear Fab Records, 2013)
Eidetic Seeing - Against Nature (2013)
Two Wolwes - The Roar and Peal of Distant Thunder (2013)
The Invisible Opera Compani of Tibet - Tried So Hard (Dakini Records, 2013)
Those Howlings - Paid For You/Dip It In (Swear Jar Records, 2013)
The Deviants - Fury Of The Mob/A Better Day Is Coming (Shagrat Records, 2013)
Christian Renou - Substantia Innominata (Drone Records, 2013)
Illusion Of Safety - Sweet Dreams (Drone Record, 2013)

John's Children (
Dewa Budjana (
Century Expanded (

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