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Chatham Rise - Chatham Rise (2013) review

Chatham Rise "Chatham Rise" (2013) review

Chatham Rise hypnotically undulates, mesmerizing in a hazy fashion of lo-fi psychedelia that’s expansive and dense, yet never rises above the trance-like state of chemical intoxication, gently morphing as the Blue Sandoz winds down, as the walls barely move, and you’re finally able to close your eyes and drift as one with the music.  These songs ride like mildly labored breathing, seemingly endless, coming from within and without in a singular breath ... as if these bits of wanderlust exist just for you, in this very moment of time, conjuring images of blue velvet nights, and foaming summer waves lapping like the curtain lace of your open windows.

Consider this my gift to you, when you’ll need it most ...

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2014
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