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Alex Calder - Time EP (2013) review

Alex Calder "Time EP" (Captured Tracks, 2013)

This album of guitar dream pop is the perfect addition to your record collection. Known for his association with weirdo rocker Mac DeMarco, Alex finally branches off on his own and its almost a wonder why it took him so long! Back in the day when he would play a floor tom in Mac DeMarco's old band Makeout Videotape and it is kinda surprising why he was playing back up guitar straight from the start. With simple melodies matched with dreamy effects and a very modest garage pop sound this is the kind of record I want to have in the coldest days of winter to lock myself in a warm room and put on repeat over and over and over.....

*Also I should note that Makeout Videotape is one of the best bands I have had the opportunity to see about 6 times and the recordings rule! Seek them out on Bandcamp!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2014
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