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Tough Age - Tough Age (2013) review

Tough Age "Tough Age" (Mint Records, 2013) 

Very few records had came out this year that I knew I would be obsessed over, the self titled album from Vancouvers fantastic Tough Age is just that. Throughout the record you feel like your on a date with your best gal. Throughout that date you take her to a beach party, followed by a trip to the local malt shop to share a shake, perhaps you defend her honor in a back alley knife fight, ending the night in a drag race around suicide bend. Clearly you can hear the different musical influences travelling within this record, Lo-fi fuzz pop you would expect belonging to one of the many Flying Nun bands, elements of Doo-Wop, dip your toes into the water with some surf rock, and finally a mouthful of Bubblegum Pop. Even most surprising is how well everything sounds with some crazy good reverbed guitar. This is a short record, but with so many hooks and surprises hiding in plain sight this is something I bet you will be revisiting again and again.

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2013
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