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Karhide - Remember Remember (2013) review

     Karhide "Remember Remember" (Field Records, 2013)
       This EP is a brief listen at just over a half hour, so I’ll keep my thoughts on appropriately short. Karhide, a one-man act in the person of Tim Waterfield from the U.K., performs a type of cosmic electronica that will please fans of acts such as Boards of Canada, Mum, Kid Loco, et al.  But while a lot of the sounds on Remember Remember are dreamy kinds of soundscapes that make you want to lose yourself in your own thoughts, there are occasional, pleasantly surprising bits of hard guitar that come along and jar you out of your reverie. My favorite track is “Case Statement,” which opens in a light, airy way, then shifts into a multi-layered guitar-driven groove that sounds like it could be the theme to a UFO chase scene in a cool-ass sci-fi film. I can never get enough of the hook on that one. Otherwise, the EP comes off like the artists mentioned above, yet maintains its own unique personality. You could play this just after or before any of those acts, DJ Shadow’s Entroducing, Pink Floyd’s Meddle, one of Brian Eno’s ambient records, etc., and it would fit in seamlessly.

Review made by Brian Greene/2013
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