Dead Meadow’s interview about making “Warble Womb”

October 11, 2013

Dead Meadow’s interview about making “Warble Womb”

Three years after the last Dead Meadow LP
titled Three Kings, Warble Womb was released, which came out just a few days
ago (Xemu Records). The vinyl version will be available in two weeks. The band
had some line-up changes. They are currently on European tour promoting their
new LP and we got opportunity to speak with Jason Simon about making this
record. If you are interested to know more about Dead Meadow we recommend you
to check our old interview.

Warble Womb is your upcoming album. Your last
album Three Kings was from 2010. How long did it take to record Warble Womb?
A very long time. We recorded the first couple
songs before Mark had even moved out to California. We have our own studio so every time  we had a couple new tunes together we’d set
up mics and record. We love trying all sorts of different things on every song
we do and having our own studio meant there was no time limitation. The
downside is that having no time limitation means that we tend to move really
Are you touring with any bands?
Since Three Kings we’ve done tours with
Spindrift, the Black Angels, Pink Mountaintops, and the Strangers Family Band.
Right now we’re in Europe on our own though.
Going back to the album making… is there a
concept behing Warble Womb?
really. Every record seems to have an overarching feel due to whatever we’re
digging on at the time and some lyrical themes often unintentionally reappear
but we never set out with a definite plan. I know for me any idea of how I feel
a record will turn out is drastically altered and reshaped in my mind countless
times during the process. 
What’s the story behind the album name?
Warble Womb is something we came up one day that just rolled off the tongue nicely and
made us smile.  It seemed an apt
description for what Dead Meadow has always hoped to accomplish with our
music. To create a separate and inviting space for the listener to enter and
enjoy…A warm vibrating cave to crawl into and hang for awhile.
Let’s hear about the process of making Warble
Most of these Tunes started  with song ideas I was working on. I’d bring them to Steve and Mark and we’d
jam on them together until we’d fall into something that felt right, something
that felt like Dead Meadow.  Once we had
a few songs together and we’d set up and track them. It’s always real important for us to get a
real solid live take with all three of us doing our thing.  From there we’d add whatever overdubs and
weird shit we felt like adding. We definitely stretched out a bit in the studio
on this one. 1000 dreams came from a
song idea I was working on with Imaad Wasif. 
Album will be supported by European tour. Are
you excited to play in Europe again? You are booked on a lot of dates.
there certainly are a lot of dates. We’re in the middle of this tour as I’m
writing this. It’s really great to be back over here and playing for so many
people.  It’s is grueling though and
tough to be away from home and our loved ones. 
Album was just released. Where can we
purchase the LP?
album was released on Oct 7th In Europe. Digital and CDs are available.  I think the LP should be ready within a week
or two. It took a bit longer in production. I’m glad this motherfucker is finally out there for the people to hear.
We are really looking forward to hear the new
album and catch you on the tour. Do you have any last words for Psychedelic
Baby readers?
Well guys, check out our new record…I hope
ya dig it… And remember to “Enjoy yourself, these are the good times you
will look back fondly on in the years to come.”

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar/2013
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