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Beyond From Within - Beyond From Within (2008) review

Beyond From Within “Beyond From Within” (Stamp, 2008)

Pittsburgh pop psychsters Beyond From Within, who were featured on September’s Active Listener Sampler #12 is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Steve Andrews. His debut album is full of catchy pop with suitably psychedelic trappings, from swirling, backwards guitars to free-flowing keyboard flourishes. He must have a very eclectic record collection, as his influences are varied, with some proggy touches (“Darkest Before The Bleedin’ Dawn” could almost be a Moody Blues reunion track!) rubbing elbows up against more esoteric, neo-psych artists like Anton Barbeau, Julian Cope, and Mick (Flyte Reaction) Crossley. “Sidewalk Songs” even namechecks some favourite artists, like Sinatra, Armstrong, and Dylan.
              “Today Today” effectively captures the zeitgeist of late ‘60s Nuggets and garage bands, “Temper My Desire” has a nice, Byrdsy jingle jangle, and the swaying, swirling psychedelic troubadour charm of “Forever Road/Lonely Penny” (The Active Listener contribution) features some of his best soloing. “Eyewitness The Eyes of Love” is a clever pun and one of his most accessible tracks, somewhat of a Bob Lind for the 21st century.

              You can sample the album (along with a few bonus tracks) on Andrews’ website and the album is available through iTunes. It’s a welcome addition to your pop psych collection.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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