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Stay - Mersey Dream 7' EP (2013) review

Stay "Mersey Dream 7' EP" (Fruits de Mer Records, 2013)

Of the three covers Barcelona’s Stay undertakes on this four-song EP, they go from the extreme of interpreting the work of the most well-known band in the history of pop music (The Beatles) to doing a track by an act that even diehard ‘60s music crate diggers might not have heard (The Fairytale- an English group from the late ‘60s who only made two singles). And, for a ‘tweener, they offer their rendition of the Marmalade classic “I See the Rain,” which is somewhere between universally known and utterly obscure. Their take on The Beatles’ “If I Needed Someone” is a pure delight of a listen, even if it’s a song we’ve all heard covered before. Their work-up of the Fairytale tune, a trippy comedown number called “Guess I Was Dreaming,” is the best thing on the EP, something anyone who likes a good,hazy psych song will dig. If the band makes a misstep here, it’s on their version of the Marmalade song – it sounds both overthought and flat, and just not a match for the original and really not even a match for the Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs “Sid n Susie” version from their Under the Covers album of ‘60s covers. For good measure, Stay add in one original, the title track. Similar to the stuff heard on their last EP for Fruits de Mer (although those were all covers) “Mersey Dream” is fueled by a constant rush of wah-wah guitar that makes one think of The Stone Roses. It’s a good song, and it’s nice to hear the band offering up one of their own tunes along with the cover versions.

Review made by Brian Greene/2013
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