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Shortwave Broadcaster - Everything You Do Is Deja-Vu (2013) review

Shortwave Broadcaster “Everything You Do Is Deja-Vu” (Saint Marie, 2013)

Shortwave Broadcaster is the ambient solo project from Keith Canisius, one half of Danish shoegazers Rumskib. The name comes from the late UFO hunter Milton William Cooper and his style harkens back to the repetitive minimalist ambient sounds of Steve Reich, Tony Conrad, LaMonte Young, Opening with the hypnotically swirling “Eternal Wave”, Canisius sets our controls for the heart of the sun with eerie, warped electronics – a surround-sound speaker setup is suggested for prime effect. “Europa” ups the ante into 2001: A Space Odyssey territory, a perfect soundtrack for the “Star Child” sequence: swirling synths wash over us as we float through the universe encased in a sensory-deprivation tank. Perfect for inner and outer space exploration

The dreamlike state that Canisius has placed us in continues on the brief “Recognition” as a repetitive melody fades in and out of consciousness. Like a cold breeze that may or not be a ghost passing by in the dark, it’s an unsettling effect that sets us slightly offkilter in preparation for the lengthy title track, the closest to his minimalist progenitors. The cyclical logic of the title is born throughout the repetitive swirling synths, illustrating that life may indeed be a circle continually closing in on itself. Everything we’ve done has been done before (a knowing wink at his predecessors is implied), and Canisius delivers another hypnotic headswirling riff that encircles our ears as the planets encircle the earth.

A welcome addition to the minimalist discography and highly recommended to fans of the aforementioned artists.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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