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Various Artists “Legend City” review

Various Artists “Legend City” (Dionysus Records 2000)

Between the years 1965 and 1967, Loy Clingman produced a ring of records for bands based in Phoenix, Arizona, and that’s what “Legend City” focuses on.

Pop aficionados will drool all over their CD players upon getting an earful of the Wild Flowers, a band that included future Alice Cooper guitarist and keyboardist Michael Bruce. Songs such as “More Than Me,” “A Man Like Myself” and “One More Chance” don’t hide the fact the Wild Flowers were trying their best to imitate the Beatles. Picture perfect harmonies, glossy textures and intricate hooks envelope these tunes, making them appear as if they were outtakes from the “Revolver” album.

Grazed with flaming fuzztone fumes, “Top Of The Morning” by the Hobbit is an equally magnificent track featured on “Legend City,” while another one of the band’s cuts, “Why Don’t You Grow Up” proves to be quite esoteric, as it blends purebred country and western cacklings with a dab of hippy dippy raga rock influences. Captained by stomping rockabilly surf styled rhythms, “Hi-Fi Baby” from the Door Nobs further weighs in as a mighty fine number.

Not only is “Legend City” an essential examination of bands that worked with Loy Clingman, but it also contains songs that haven’t been dragged through the compilation mill three hundred and ninety-two times already.

Review made by Beverly Paterson/2013
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